In Milan , not far from Porta Venezia and the via Vela store , the founders of Sunnei, Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo , officially open the doors of Palazzina Sunnei , the latest project of a brand that has made the multidisciplinary approach its strength. The new three-story headquarters of Sunnei, responds to the growth of the brand that needed new spaces to bring together all its activities. Thus, a former recording studio, whose ceilings still tell what the recording rooms were, becomes the residential building par excellence, the Palazzina, whose surfaces strictly painted in white are the ideal support to tell the aesthetics that are hides behind the brand, recalling the latest collection for spring-summer 2021: Canvas, a selection of blank pieces that can be customized and modified by buyers in selected stores around the world.

The last time we met Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo was on the occasion of the Bianco Sunnei project , when they said that for their collections the inspirations come from those interests that accompany them in everyday life: design, architecture, the arts. visuals and music. The Palazzina thus becomes a creative hub where the artistic community of Sunnei and the related works of friends and long-time collaborators, who have honored the brand with works created ad hoc for the building, find space.

Here, scattered among the various floors, you can find the organic vases by the South African designer Ben Orkin; a marble table and vases made by Sara Ferron Cima and Massimo Ciuf, founders of Bloc Studio and the works in Murano glass worked by Stories of Italy. If in the garden it is possible to reflect in the round table and stools designed by NM3 and made of sheet steel with a thickness of just 3 mm, the spaces dedicated to the design team are enriched with a pistachio green sculpture by Anton Alvarez.