The first step in building your new home is to visit our office at 138 Burnett Street, Buderim and talk to one of our New Home Consultants who will discuss with you your visions for your new home. Your budget, priorities and expectations as well as design and functionality requirements will also be discussed.

A site visit is next, where one of our trained consultants will look at the feasibility of the proposed dwelling, offer advice on the construction type and costs efficiencies. It is preferable at this stage to also have your building designer attend the site visit as they will work with you in formulating a design concept and requirements for the preliminary plans. We have long established working relationships with a building designer however are happy to work alongside one of your choice.

Our Building Consultant and Building Designer will continue to work together to design your home.

In order for us to prepare an accurate quote we need to know what is underground. Therefore we may carry out soil testing and determine levels on your site. This enables us to more accurately price the earthworks, retaining and foundation costs for your quote if required. This is commonly an area that can result in nasty overspending if this crucial step is not included.

During this stage all quotes are obtained for pre contract costs, and you will receive estimates from a Surveyor, Engineer, Soil Tester and Certifier. Your commitment to the process is confirmed with payment of these costs upfront.

These plans and certificates then become your property.

Please note: If you have already have your own plans, working drawings or engineers plans we are able to prepare a more accurate quote following the Selections stage.

Once the plans are drafted, you’ll be invited to meet with us to discuss these drawings and when you are satisfied with the design we will formulate the specifications and pricing for your new home, based on the preliminary draft plan and your selections.

It’s important that you receive direction and approximation on overall project costs from us before we progress to final drawings.

The specification and quote document for the build is prepared.

You’re given a copy of the document to read and review in the comfort of your own home before making an appointment with our Director, Mark Deighton, to discuss and sign.

Once you decide to go ahead a deposit is required within five days of signing. Your quote is valid for 60 days.

Your plans will now be lodged with a Private Certifier to provide the permit for the Building Approval (BA) along with the permits for plumbing and effluent management. You will be kept updated and we let you know when we receive the relative approvals. Your BA may have special requirements before we can obtain your Construction Certificate. Therefore any BA requirements will be costed and discussed at this point.

While your plans are with Council and the Certifier you will meet with our Interior Designer to go through the internal and external house colours, kitchen finishes and fittings.

Once approved, and the following has been completed, we are then ready to apply for the Construction Certificate (CC).

  • Colour Selections (inc kitchen and electrical layouts) – signed off by you.
  • Settlement on your land.
  • Finance approval (letter of commencement on your loan, or a bank statement showing your capacity to pay should have been forwarded).

At this stage your block needs to be made ready for excavation and all appropriate trees must be removed and grass slashed.

The construction stages (below) list the typical sequence of the construction of your home.

At completion of each stage we will invite you to inspect the progress and ask you sign off on being 100 % happy as well as your authority to issue invoice for the stage payments.

Ayla Constructions: Affordable Quality Home Builder Sunshine Coast
Ayla Constructions: Affordable Quality Home Builder Sunshine Coast

Typical Construction:

Payment is due on signing of contract.

Concrete slab.

Posts and Floor system, if above ground.

Wall frames.

Roof frames/trusses.

Tie Down and Bracing making the structure secure.


Electrician, Plumber and Air cons are roughed in before wall linings are installed.


Windows and external doors.

Internal and External wall linings.

Waterproofing to wet areas.

Trims and fixtures.

Kitchen and Vanities.

Tiling / Floor coverings.


Plumbing and electrical fit off.

Shower screens, mirrors and robe doors.

Final fit off- towel rails and door handles etc.

Walk through your home and check on finishes. We will attend to anything that you feel needs attention.

Certifier issues completion certificate.