Stages of Rebuilding

The following stages are outlined to give the client an understanding of the processes involved  with repairing their valued home or investment to its original state.


Makesafe the aim is to ensure the home is safe from further damage and ensuring there is no further danger to the family or occupants. There are often many hidden hazards that need to be rectified.

Electrical system

After water inundation this system must be shut off and inspected by an qualified electrician before it can be turned back on. Safety switches and all Wiring must be inspected. Switches, power points and junction boxes that have been under water may be filled with mud and often will need to be replaced.

Strip Out with Drying System in Place

Strip out  the damaged areas of the home will need to be removed, the relevant areas are prepared for the repair stage.

Once the home is cleared the frame and affected areas can receive adequate ventilation. Dry out systems can also be implemented to facilitate in reducing moisture content to an acceptable level

Our experienced team have the capability to carry out this in a safe and timely manner.


The Ayla group has access to Sanitising services that use non toxic products. This treatment kills and prevents further mould or bacteria that arise from black water contamination. This method ensures the safety of  trade personnel.

supervisor planning the repair stage


 The Ayla Group has a network of Tradesman and Suppliers to ensure repairs are to a high standard and quality.

We aim to support the local community and expand our resources. We endorse the use of local tradesman and suppliers provided they meet our criterions.(See Application form)

During the repair stage it is important to us to involve the client. The Ayla have web facilities’ and liason officers that promote the client to have input into the design of their home.(See Selections)

Any works outside the contract need to be discussed and approved by all parties. Relevant documentation needs to signed before any works commence.

Customer Satisfaction Form

 Formal document provided by the insurer for the customer to complete. The job completion is not finalised until customer is satisfied.